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Weight. On my soul, my eyes, on my body.  So much weight. It feels hard to move.  Stuck in the muck of life.  Rooted in the ‘not enough part’. Not enough, so must  consume and consume and consume, everything. Too much, too many, too, too, too. Heavy. Is it loving to write these words? To…

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New scientific study on spanking… are we asking the right questions?

A few years ago I would have immediately lept onto my high horse after reading this article about the new ground-breaking scientific study on spanking, which states that five decades of research on children that were spanked shows spanking in fact doesn’t improve behavior or have positive long-term impact on a child’s life.   A…

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We have choices!

I had dinner with a friend the other night in this delectable Argentinian restaurant in downtown Denver and she tells me she is writing a book about YOU.  She explains that it must be about YOU, because that word needs to be redefined since most people don’t understand it.  As I sit listening to her…

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Child playing in Rain

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