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Covid-19 Updates: As regulations and recommendations continue to evolve, Louisville Family Center continues to remain open for new clients, offering both teletherapy and outdoor options for children, adolescents, individuals, parents and families.  We also have sliding scale rates for those experiencing financial challenges.

Teletherapy allows you to access therapeutic support from home via video sessions. Outdoor therapy offers the opportunity for individual therapy or play therapy to occur in a setting where social distancing can more easily be maintained.  Please contact us for a free fifteen minute consultation: or 303-604-6373.

The Louisville Family Center offers a variety of therapy options to meet different individual and family needs.  We believe that every person is moving towards health the best way they know how, and that we can all benefit from support.  Through the therapy process we will help awaken your inner wisdom, creating opportunities for deeper relationships with yourself and those around you.

We utilize methodologies from various philosophies to create a therapeutic session and relationship that is unique to each individual client or family.  Some of the approaches we draw from include Gestalt, Attachment-Based Play Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Relational Family Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling, and more.  

To foster an equitable community, we invite all people to participate in the services and events offered at The Louisville Family Center, and do not discriminate on any basis (cultural background, ethnicity, race, color, age, gender expression, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, spirituality or otherwise).

Black Lives Matter

We here at the Louisville Family Center want to acknowledge the sadness and anger that we and millions of others are feeling right now at the continued murders of black people, such as George Floyd. We would like to redouble our commitment to social justice and want to affirm that we stand with the Black community. We intend to take clear and direct action against racism, rather than idly watching as systemic oppression continues to tear families and communities apart. Here are some of the steps we have been taking:

  • We are including anti-racist training and regular anti-racist discussions for all therapists.
  • We have been and are continuing to select books and materials for our office that represent BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color), not just in their suffering, but also in celebration and in everyday situations.
  • We are committed to having open and honest conversations about race with children, parents, and all clients, in a developmentally and situationally appropriate manner.
As an organization of three white therapists, we know that we cannot pretend to fully understand the experience of a person of color, and we hope that by having uncomfortable conversations, facing our privileges and then utilizing them to combat racism, hopefully we can make a small difference. We invite your feedback, questions and ideas, as we all have blind spots and need help to see what and where those might be. Thank you, Michele Beach & Christy Lochary, Co-Owners & Therapists, The Louisville Family Center

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