At the Louisville Family Center we see a variety of people in different life stages, which includes adolescents and teens.

Adolescents are at such an interesting time of development, which is why families can experience a lot of challenge during this stage.  Teenagers often find they are at a cross roads of dependence and independence and this can be hard to navigate for both child and parent.

We believe that everyone is moving toward health the best way they know how.  Through the therapy process adolescents are supported in connecting more clearly with who they are, and in doing so they create opportunities for healthier relationships with others.  Additionally we offer parenting support as seems appropriate for each family.

Therapy at the Louisville Family Center offers an opportunity to build a relationship with a caring therapist who can model connection to self and offer authentic feedback.  Learning to accept and love oneself as they are can both reduce the feeling that life is a constant threat and can allow more freedom to choose who we want to become.

Feeling seen and heard rewires our nervous system to feel safe and connected, allowing the ability to acknowledge our challenges and begin to view our obstacles as opportunities.

  • You are experiencing grief/loss or other challenging transitions in life, such as moving or a new job or school.
  • You are struggling with work, school or noticing outbursts of aggression or impulsiveness.
  • You are having having difficulty sleeping, eating or with other daily activities.
  • You are experiencing depression, anxiety, isolation or other strong emotions.
  • You are experiencing low self-esteem or relationship issues stemming from self-doubt, shame or blame.
  • You find it difficult or threatening to experience fearfulness, sadness, anger or other emotions.

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

– Carl Rogers


Nature is multifaceted in that it provides both space and a container for clients to explore their internal experiences and the effects that their outer world has upon them.  At the Louisville Family Center, many of our therapists offer outdoor-based sessions, which could be as simple as going for a walk or as involved as a day of skiing. 

Nature based therapy promotes both client and clinician to honor their bodies’ relationship to the natural world, which in turn provides an increase in our minds’ capacity to feel and process our experiences.  It is within this balance of meeting both the mind and the body’s needs that there is the potential for authentic healing and growth.

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