Is your teenager experiencing an increase in anxiety, struggling to communicate emotions, or beginning to exhibit risky behavior?

  • Are they closed off and unwilling to communicate?
  • Do they struggle to maintain self care?
  • Are they impulsive and reactive towards you?
  • Have you observed them isolating themselves?
  • Do you notice a change in their social lives?

During teenage years parents often notice changes occurring in their adolescent’s mind, body, and spirit.  Adolescents are faced with both internal and external challenges as they enter the next stage of their development.  Often during this time teens are needing additional support to expand their understanding of themselves and their lived experiences. Further attention and support promotes the pursuit of practical skills to cope and manage the evolving challenges in their lives.   

During this time guardians and parents are often faced with difficult questions and decisions to make.

  • Why is my teen resistant to my support?
  • Will my teen’s risky behavior lead to long term consequences?
  • How do I best support this transitional time?
  • Do I intervene or will my teen reach out for help?
  • When will this change? How can it change?

As a parent, your love and concern has led you to explore your available options.  Through the process of counseling with a professional therapist your teen has the opportunity to pursue health and foster their evolving relationship with you.

Most teens face some form of adversity at this time in their lives.

Adolescents are at such an interesting time of development, which is why families can experience many challenges during this stage.  Teenagers often find they are at the crossroads of dependence and independence and this can be hard to navigate for both child and parent.

We believe that everyone is moving toward health the best way they know how.  Through the therapy process adolescents are supported in connecting more clearly with who they are, and in doing so they create opportunities for healthier relationships with others.  Additionally, we offer parenting support, as seems appropriate, for each family.  This is a time rich in opportunity to implement change and introduce a new path for your adolescent to take.

We can help support both you and your teen.

Therapy at the Louisville Family Center offers an opportunity to build a relationship with a caring therapist who can model connection to self and offer authentic feedback.  Through the use of non violent communication, development of somatic awareness, and implementation of mindful practices teens are both taught and encouraged to use such techniques to foster a new relationship with themselves and their inner challenges .

At the Louisville family center we believe that the entire family is a crucial component to the therapeutic process.  Your therapist will not only be working with your teen, they can work with you as well.  As parents/guardians we can sometimes get so focused on the experience of our child that we forget to connect to what is happening for us.  We offer varying formats such as a 10 minute check-in or longer meetings if needed. Caregivers have the opportunity to see the parent/child dynamic more clearly and build awareness of their own experience during times of stress at home and in the world.

  • You are experiencing grief/loss or other challenging transitions in life, such as moving or a new job or school.
  • You are struggling with work, school or noticing outbursts of aggression or impulsiveness.
  • You are having having difficulty sleeping, eating or with other daily activities.
  • You are experiencing depression, anxiety, isolation or other strong emotions.
  • You are experiencing low self-esteem or relationship issues stemming from self-doubt, shame or blame.
  • You find it difficult or threatening to experience fearfulness, sadness, anger or other emotions.

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

– Carl Rogers


Does there have to be a major issue with my teen’s mental health for us to seek therapy?

Talking with a professional allows your adolescent child to get a sense of how they appear to other people, helps them get feedback on whatever they may be feeling and offers insight on how those emotions are affecting their everyday life.  Therapy can be utilized to address specific concerns and it may also be utilized as a means to support a teen in their development and understanding of themselves.   

Why can’t my teen work through this with me at home?

There are many similarities between parents or guardians and the relationship with a therapist.  Both involve nurturing, a depth of intimacy with one another, and the existence of a power differential. Yet there are main differences that are key to the success of the therapeutic relationship.  A therapist is responsible for maintaining professional boundaries, providing non judgment, nurturing, and an unquenchable desire to understand their client’s experience.  Even if parents or guardians are available and have a strong relationship with their teen, the teenager could benefit from a neutral perspective provided from a therapist. 

Is my child too young to need therapy?

Similar to adults, young children and adolescents can also experience difficulty in maintaining one’s mental health.  Teens are just as vulnerable to anxiety, stress, depression and other difficult issues.  Teens are developing recognition of their challenges and locate effective means to express their internal experience and then cope with daily life in a healthier manner.

Through modeling connection to self, use of mindfulness techniques, somatic awareness, and non-violent communication, therapists at Louisville Family Center offer new ways for clients to acknowledge and interpret their lived experiences.  These practices in combination with a heart centered approach, provide adolescent clients with an opportunity to explore their relationship to self, others, and their environment.

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