We believe that every child is perfect just the way they are.  And we understand that life can bring challenges which lead children and parents/guardians to reach for support.

Play therapy gives your child a space to express themselves in their own language, play.  Since children do not fully express themselves using verbal language until much later in life, they often communicate through behaviors.  Play is a clear way to bring context and “language” to your child’s actions. The therapist, trained in the language of play, takes the experience of what your child is playing and translates that experience back to you. Through the play therapy process your child can begin to feel fully seen and heard and as a result they begin to transform their challenges into their greatest strengths.

At the Louisville family center we believe that the entire family is a crucial component to the therapeutic process.  Your therapist will not only be working with your child, they will be working with you as well.  We can sometimes get so focused on the experience of our child that we forget to connect to what is happening for us as parents/guardians.  During check-ins and longer sessions parents/guardians have the opportunity to see the parent/child dynamic more clearly and build awareness of their own experience during times of stress at home and in the world. 

There are two options for play therapy sessions:  

The standard Package: Weekly 50min sessions, broken into 40min with the child and 10min parent check-ins.  

The Family Package: Weekly 50min sessions with the child and an additional 50min parent session once month or more at a discounted rate.  This allows parents to go more deeply into how their child’s behavior is affecting them and different ways to connect in the moment. 

  • Your child is experiencing grief/loss or other challenging transitions in life.
  • Your child is displaying outbursts, aggression, impulsiveness or struggling in school.
  • Your child is having difficulty sleeping, eating or potty training.
  • You or your child is experiencing depression, anxiety, isolation or other strong emotions.
  • You or your child are experiencing separation anxiety, low self-esteem or relationship issues.
  • You or your child find it difficult to experience fearfulness, sadness, anger or other emotions.

Become intimate with your fears. listen to them. sit cross legged. give them your undivided attention….offer them comfort. offer them rest.

Nayyirah Waheed

Animal Assisted Play Therapy

Meet Freyja, Christy’s animal therapy partner! She is a seven pound Maltese Poodle mix.   Frejya is in the office on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. She enjoys meeting new people and either playing or sleeping during sessions.

Animal Assisted Play Therapy is a great way to model boundaries, examine relational patterns and experience unconditional love.  Often, just Freyja’s presence in the room can put people at ease and help reduce tension.

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