Parent Counseling at the Louisville Family Center is not another set of strategies that will tell you how you “should be” better parents. Instead, relationships are viewed through a holistic lens, seeing the family as an important learning container.

Parenting is a uniquely challenging task in which we are often asked to face our deepest fears while at the same time caring for a newly developing human being.  Being a parent can invoke shame and second guessing, and can bring out angry or depressed parts of ourselves that we didn’t even know existed.

Getting support with your particular parenting challenges, either as an individual or as a couple, can help you regain your own sense of confidence and strengthen your ability to connect with your child and significant other.

  • You or your child are experiencing grief/loss or other challenging transitions in life, such as moving or a new job or school.
  • You or your child are struggling with work, school or noticing outbursts of aggression or impulsiveness.
  • You are having difficulty supporting your child in getting to sleep, eating or with other daily activities.
  • You are experiencing postpartum depression, anxiety, isolation or other strong emotions.
  • You are experiencing low self-esteem or relationship issues stemming from self-doubt, shame or blame in your parenting.
  • You find it difficult or threatening to experience fearfulness, sadness, anger or other emotions in yourself or your child.

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