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What is Addiction?

It’s 2am. The phone screen lights up your face as you lie scrolling in bed. Has it been 2 hours? 3? You know you’ll pay for this tomorrow and you only have a few hours until you have to be up for work. But you keep going, still feeling unsatisfied.  It’s been a bad day…

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New scientific study on spanking… are we asking the right questions?

A few years ago I would have immediately lept onto my high horse after reading this article about the new ground-breaking scientific study on spanking, which states that five decades of research on children that were spanked shows spanking in fact doesn’t improve behavior or have positive long-term impact on a child’s life.   A…

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We have choices!

I had dinner with a friend the other night in this delectable Argentinian restaurant in downtown Denver and she tells me she is writing a book about YOU.  She explains that it must be about YOU, because that word needs to be redefined since most people don’t understand it.  As I sit listening to her…

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