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What is Addiction?

It’s 2am. The phone screen lights up your face as you lie scrolling in bed. Has it been 2 hours? 3? You know you’ll pay for this tomorrow and you only have a few hours until you have to be up for work. But you keep going, still feeling unsatisfied.  It’s been a bad day…

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"Late Bloomer"

When I first read this poem by Danielle Doby I immediately cried. The words felt like home…it put a voice to something that I had felt inside me for so long but could not name.
I used to hold a lot of shame around the part of me that felt like a “late bloomer”. Now I feel so much gratitude for the meandering path my heart has taken to create this sweet little life that is beginning holding all of me.
-Christy Lochary

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Wild Geese, Mary Oliver

Words from Mary Oliver’s poem, Wild Geese. My heart wants to read these words over and over this week. These past few months the busy part of myself has been showing up. And I can feel my body calling for rest, a reminder that I am a part of this wonderful wild earth and it’s ok to be still.

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Child playing in Rain

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