Couple relationships offer us unique opportunities to confront our challenges with intimacy and communication. There is often no more rewarding and equally heartbreaking relationship than the one with our chosen partner.

Whether you are considering a committed relationship, have been married for years, or are in a more casual arrangement with someone, you might find that you would like support connecting with one another and not losing yourself in the process.

Couples counseling at the Louisville Family Center draws upon the wisdom of various approaches, including components of Stan Tatkin’s PACT methodology, Andrew Christensen & Neil Jacobson’s Acceptance and Change theory, and John Gottman’s evidence-based research on successful long-term relationships, as well as present-moment relating through Gestalt & somatic awareness.

One of the first steps is always to bring awareness to the couples’ particular dynamics and styles of relating.  Next, we believe that both acceptance and change are essential components of successful relationships. Learning to understand and accept your partner’s particular triggers and habituated responses can help reduce your own threat response. At the same time, integrating non-violent communication and tools for compassionate connection allow you to move away from destructive patterns.


  • You and/or your partner are going through a death in the family, a move, a new job, or some other life transition, and you feel you could benefit from some support.
  • One or both partners is experiencing depression, anxiety, sexual or intimacy challenges, or any other issue impacting the relationship.
  • You and your partner want help transforming the tensions and conflicts in your relationships into opportunities for healing.
  • You want support with your communication skills to keep from repeating destructive cycles over and over.
  • You and your partner find yourself trapped in battles and drama and want to move into more authentic ways of connecting.
  • One or both of you has been considering divorce and you want help determining the right path for you and traversing its obstacles.

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