"Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ” - Elizabeth Stone


The goal of Parent Coaching is to support you, the parent, the one who knows your child and family the best, in your own individual practice of conscious & aware parenting.  I have 10 years of experience working with hundreds of families, and I want to share what I have learned.  I also want to share with you my own practice, while also learning about your specific needs, feelings and hopes for you and your family.

Most families today do not have the built in support that is necessary to keep from feeling isolated in parenting.  Extended families are often spread across the country or globe, most of us live in individual households, and many parents have little or no experience with children until they have their own. 

Even knowing all I know about child development, special needs, social emotional intelligence, alternative education, neuroscience and more, I am still not able to be the perfect parent.  I also now believe there is no such thing.  My three children, one adopted and each with their own unique emotional needs, have been my best teachers and remind me each day that there is always more to learn, and we all need support.

I have limits to how much compassion I have to offer in any given moment or day.  I have feelings, too.   It is only when I am at peace with myself that I can be the parent that I want to be.  I can then recognize that it’s not about fixing my child or using the perfect communication “tools” or “strategies.”  It’s about learning my own patterns and triggers, about being in the present moment rather than worrying about my children’s path to “college” or even next week.  It’s about cultivating wisdom, asking for help, and as I have recently learned from Buddhist teachings, “seeking escape from the ceaseless chain of automatic responses that bind and blind us…. In moments of clear awareness, the automatic response is suppressed and we have a choice of how to respond” (Essential Spirituality p. 182).   

I want to offer a new perspective to other parents like myself -- not another “quick-fix” method or strategy, but instead a new lens through which family dynamics can be seen.  Parents need a space to tell their stories, to feel heard and validated in the intense and personal journey of raising children, and to be scaffolded in learning to be both a part of the family and yet also fully whole in oneself.

You might want to consider parent coaching if any of the following resonate with you:

  • Parenting is so much harder than I imagined

  • My child is nothing like me

  • My child is too much like me

  • I keep doing/saying the things my parents did

  • My partner and I have different approaches and it’s driving me crazy

  • I sometimes feel out of control and just can’t be patient

  • I feel so alone in my parenting

  • I love them, but my kids are driving me crazy

  • I keep running into this one same issue (picky eating, getting in the carseat, whining, getting into bed) and need help

I have experience working with all kinds of families, including those who have children with special needs, children with behavioral challenges, children exploring gender identity, adoptive families, and children who have experienced trauma and loss.

We believe that every individual is moving toward health the best way they know how.  Through the coaching process we will help awaken your inner wisdom to re-develop a close relationship with yourself.  In doing so, we believe you will then open yourself to deeper relationships with those around you.


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