Loving Every Moment Photography Exhibit – Currently Showing at The Patchwork School!

Jodi Ellen Photography, The Patchwork School and Louisville Family Center present a collection of work celebrating Radical Acceptance. Our show “Loving Every Moment” will be on display at various locations in Louisville, Lafayette and Erie through the summer and fall.

This exhibit is about reframing happiness not as something we must work hard for and will feel only when we are laughing or on vacation.   Instead, we see joy as something that is embedded in every moment… even the sad, scared and angry ones. This radical notion of acceptance is essential when working with young children and families.  

Scientific models of human development may be helpful in understanding the general steps involved in an average human’s growth, however when these assumptions or expectations are internalized, they can blind us to what the child in front of us is actually doing, expressing and needing.  Instead, the Buddhist concept of “basic goodness” (Hayward, 1993) and the Reggio Emilia “image of a child” as competent and capable (Edwards & Gandini, 1993) encourage accepting everything about the person with “unconditional positive regard” (Brach, 2003) for optimal development. This does not mean permissively allowing all behaviors, as limits can still be held with compassion and understanding rather than shame, judgement and punishment.  

Thus, we can meet ourselves and our children exactly as we are to support ourselves in embracing the opportunity to be fully alive, accepting what is, and also learning to be an agent for change.  When we can offer children the opportunity to swallow, chew and digest their own experiences with unconditional love and support, we have an opportunity to change the direction of humanity by moving away from judgement and towards connection and love.

Summer Learning Intensive

Katie Morrell is a participating practitioner in a unique therapeutic intensive this summer. See below for the flyer and for more information about Katie Morrell Movement.

On-Site Practitioners

Katie Morrell Movement

I am an Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement® Practitioner specializing in Children with Special Needs.  The work that I offer is unique in the fact that my primary goal is not to fix your child but to connect with them, and in that lies the miracles.  I have trained and worked as a practitioner and taken advanced training with senior movement teachers to expand my understanding and ability to be a very effective practitioner.  I am also a mother of a child with special needs.  I have been immersed in the world of ABM for over 5 years and have been able to observe hundreds of lessons from the most talented practitioners in the country.  I have witnessed tremendous growth and miraculous changes in my daughter, who began walking at 4 years-old and is now talking.  I am so fortunate that now I also get to watch and help facilitate these changes in my clients each day.  My unique experience with my own daughter, combined with my studies have enabled me to connect, understand and effectively help not only the children that I love working with but all of the families and parents that I come into contact with.  I am so honored to be a part of the Louisville Family Center.  Please call with any questions and to get more information at  206-291-6615 and/or visit www.katiemorrellmovement.com.  I look forward to meeting you!

Community Partners

The Patchwork School

Louisville Family Center partners with local schools to offer parent & staff workshops, as well as other resources and support for the families and community of the school.  The Patchwork School is an innovative non-profit organization promoting children’s rights and meaningful educational options for all, at the heart of which is a community-based democratic school for young children, located in Louisville, Colorado.

Back to Basics Kitchen

We are so excited to be partnering with Back to Basics Kitchen as a pick-up site for their delicious, nourishing meals.  Back to Basics Kitchen offers fresh, fully prepared from scratch meals made just for you with local and organic ingredients each week. No minimum. No weekly obligation or subscription. Order only what you want.  All you do is heat at home.

Here at the Louisville Family Center, we enjoy partnering with other practitioners and community organizations whose values align with ours, to provide office spaces, workshops and other community resources and connections. Please contact us at info@louisvillefamilycenter.com to connect!