My Heart is a Voyager

My heart is a voyager
Feeling the unknown like a tide
Feeling the pulse and pull

She sails the high seas
Through ups and downs
Calm and storm
She calls them waves and rides them as they appear

My dear heart
She moves toward the dark
The depth
The beasts

At the same time she moves closer to the light
Stars and splashes

There is no distinction
No direction
And yet…she knows where she is.

Words and picture by Christy Lochary

Announcing the Louisville Family Center!

We are so excited (and nervous) to be opening a Family Center in this beautiful location right in the heart of downtown Louisville.  We’ll be offering Play Therpay, Parent Coaching and much more to support families in their journeys and to promote mindful family living.  Please stop in and check back often as we will be continuing to add workshops, classes, and other events soon!