Christy Lochary & Michele Beach are the owners & directors of the Louisville Family Center.  We have known each other for 9 years and are so excited to be working together again.  We have taught together and supported each other through the joys and sorrows of our lives.  See below to get to know us each a little better...

Christy Lochary - Therapy Director

During my 10 years of experience as a teacher and program director, I discovered my passion for working with children and families.  I then went on to complete a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Regis University. 

I am also trained as a Senior Facilitator in Attachment Based Play Therapy.  Through my work as an educator and play therapist I have experienced of the power of play in the lives of children, as it creates a space where children can freely express their inner world.  Joining my clients in this way allows for a deeper understanding of the emotional self and a deeper connection to the wisdom that lies within us all.

Come play and connect with yourself!


Michele, your time, patience, understanding and wisdom have changed my life.  You encouraged and helped me to feel my feelings, not to bury them... By finding the courage to believe in myself and going after what I want in life, I am teaching my son to do the same! What an amazing journey we are on!  Words can not express how grateful I am to you Michele for teaching me so much!

- Juli Potter, parent

Michele Beach - Education Director

I am excited to be offering Parent Coaching & Workshops through the Louisville Family Center. Ever since I began stumbling through the pages of parenting guides, wondering how to get my son potty trained, and wishing I had some better guidance and support, I've thought about the idea of parent coaching.  When I became a mother, twelve years ago, I had no idea I was beginning a  journey to the center of myself.  I had always excelled in school, graduating in the top ten from Cherry Creek High School and then graduating from one of the finest programs in the world for Computer Science at Stanford University in 2000.  I had no doubt I could study all of the books, remember some tips from my babysitting days and ace parenting with flying colors.  And yet I found myself at times sitting there on the floor crying right alongside my two-year-old, not able to understand what I was doing “wrong.”  I found myself blaming him and shaming myself.  

Shortly thereafter I went back to school, because I wanted to learn more and wanted to become a teacher.  I got my Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from CU Denver in 2007.  The following August, I co-founded The Patchwork School, which began as a small preschool in my basement with just ten children.  We moved the school to Louisville where we quickly found we had many parents seeking something similar for their children, a more natural, non-coercive approach to learning.  I have been so inspired by our community -- the incredible staff, students and parents -- and feel so fortunate to have had such a supportive learning environment for myself and my children.

Thus, I come to you not as someone “licensed” in parenting or in therapy, but as a parent myself and as an educator, working with hundreds of families in my 10 years of directing, teaching, and offering parent education and support.  I’ve also offered workshops at conferences in New York, Portland and Boulder, and attended education conferences in Finland, Puerto Rico, Vancouver, and Colorado.  I am excited to be offering parenting support based on self-discovery and mindfulness, and am honored to be considered to play a role in your parenting journey.